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TAIWAN Yibai precision “Yibai precision” are composed by a group of experienced management, processing, mechanical, machinery, electricity, heat-treatment and international trading experts. Our technologies have combined Western and Japanese technology’s advantages that Yibai precision as an innovated and highquality furnaces producer. Yibai precision are always looking for “Professional” “Quality” “Innovation” “Excellent.”


Our main products are Multi-function chamber furnace, Belt type continuous furnace, Roller Type Continuous Furnace, Pre-Vacuum nitriding furnace, Vacuum carburizing high pressure gas quenching furnace, Aluminum alloy T4 and T6 treating furnace ... etc. and widely used in aerospace, military, motor parts, hand tool industry and other industry. Our furnaces have been installed on China, Europe, USA, Taiwan, South East Asia. You can find Yibai precisionon Taiwan and Vietnam. Yibai precision always offer the best and professional service for you.


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