Product application related industries

Heat treatment equipment is widely used in an indispensable process in the manufacture of mechanical parts.
Excellent heat treatment equipment not only improves the strength of parts, but also enables customers to meet the needs of easy operation and energy saving.
Yibang Precision Co., Ltd. meets the needs of different industries, allowing customers to have safer and stronger products, so that they can exert unlimited creativity.

Bicycle Components Industry

Lightweight is one of the elements of bicycle parts development, so the number of aluminum alloy parts products accounts for a large proportion.
Yibang Precision Co., Ltd. aluminum alloy heating and heat treatment equipment can meet the AMS2750E specification, Widely used in bicycle parts manufacturing, we can provide better equipment for your reference.

Related furnace types:

● T4 aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace
● T5 aluminum alloy aging furnace
● Aluminum alloy forging furnace
● Aluminum Alloy Annealing Furnace

Automobile and motorcycle parts industry

After years of experience and assessment, the heat treatment equipment of Yibang Precision Co., Ltd. Equipment reliability and quality are priceless in the auto parts industry.
Ebon Precision Co., Ltd. is still the first choice for heat treatment equipment in many automobile and motorcycle parts industries. Equipment can be manufactured according to CQI-9 specifications, providing better and better products for your reference.

Related furnace types:

● Gas carburizing heat treatment furnace
● Tempering furnace
● Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace
● Vacuum nitriding furnace

Hand tool industry and metal products manufacturing

Tempering, carburizing, annealing, quenching and solutionizing, forging, preheating, drying, Aging – These are just a few of the applications that can be achieved with our wide range of furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.
Many metals require heat treatment under protective reactive gases or vacuum, As with most heat treatment processes, From batch furnaces to heat treatment furnaces with conveyor technology and fully automatic equipment, we are sure to find the right solution for your application.

Related furnace types:

● Mesh belt type non-oxidizing bright furnace
● Stainless steel solution furnace
● Crucible salt bath heat treatment furnace

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